Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How I met my Husband

8. Discuss the effectiveness of the surprise ending. How does Carmichael differ from Chris Watters? Can it be argued that the surprise ending is also inevitable and appropriate?

In this flashback, in which an older wiser Edie tells her story, it seems only appropriate that another man take the place of Chris Watters. The structure of the flashback does create a story telling type atmosphere in which the story would not be complete without a surprise ending. If Watters would have written her back and the story would have ended it, to the reader, it would have just been pointless to read her story. Almost as if the reader would say, oh typical, another story where the woman gets the man and they run away together etc etc. Yet, in adding the surprise ending with Carmichael, the story becomes more characteristic of real life. It's characteristic of how things do not always work out as planned or even imagined. Plus, Carmichael was the more appropriate man for Edie. He did not take advantage of her, and did not make her wait. Instead, it was as if Carmichael waited on Edie. He waited until she gave up, realized that she could not wait there forever on Watters, and that is what makes him much more suitable for Edie than Watters. He was merely all for her, rather than himself.


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